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EZETech is an IT consulting and turnkey solutions provider. We dedicate ourselves to resolving the toughest technological challenges and have been doing so for over 10 years. Our employees are honest, skilled, hardworking people with integrity and pride in their work. We dedicate ourselves in bringing you technology solutions that will better your overall company and/or personal life. Our company strives on solving issues that the typical computer technician cannot. We also provide turnkey solutions to new business owners. Let us handle all your technology needs from start to finish. Our team of tech specialists know what it takes to integrate your business to all of today’s 21st century technology needs. From cloud computing to virtualization, we do it all and want to bring these solutions to you!


About The Owner


Zack has been in the IT industry for over 10 years and considers himself a technologist at heart. From retail to Director of IT to Founder of EZETech, Zack has taken his passion of technology and turned it into experience and skills to help the world in the ever changing industry of IT. Experienced in mission critical environments and sophisticated network and server infrastructures, Zack has many methods of solving the not so common problems that occur in the IT industry. His experience in the field of IT has allowed him to work with large companies that’s infrastructure stretch across many different levels of technology, and has been able to resolve any and all problems that customers should not have to deal with.

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